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Exams, exam preparation and performance, are a part of life which can present real challenges to many people. From the physical aspects of the churning stomach and sweaty hands, to the mental turmoil of going over and over the material, to the emotional doubts and upsets, exam time can be a real pressure nightmare

Many people use BodyTalk as a wonderful, natural, safe and effective support during exam and high pressure time. The sessions seem to get the brain back in charge, in a calm, clear and focused way, and help process the nerves, worries and fears. BodyTalk practitioners also teach their clients the Cortices Technique, which have a multitude of uses for the brain and body, and can be used over and over again. It only takes a minute to Tap out your Cortices, but the effects last for hours and hours!

BodyTalk can support a person through exam time on many levels. Imagine the student who has been studying (and playing hard), eating badly, and had very little sleep. BodyTalk might need to address some very real physical imbalances, in order to settle the person in exam time. Or the high school student, who has given 100% in school, sport, and extra-mural activities and is feeling exhausted before exams even begin.

The mental and emotional pressures of exams can have a direct impact on the ability to study too. For many Grade 11 students, they are not only preparing for school exams now, but have the extra pressure of worrying about results which have to be submitted for university admissions. Matric students have the pressure of going out into the world, on their shoulders, as they prepare for exams. These very real concerns and worries often serve as distractions for students. Once they brain (and the person) feels overwhelmed, it start to switch off, and then concentration and focus seem impossible

Past experiences in the classroom and exam halls may have led a person to believe things about themselves, such as “I suck at Maths, I don’t stand a chance”, or “I never finish the paper in time” or “I hope they only ask short questions, I won’t manage an essay”. These beliefs have a very real influence on how the students approach their studies. Picture the student who failed a test, which everyone else passed, or has heard that they have some learning difficulty, and are known as dyslexic or Attention-Deficit – that I an extra pressure hanging over your head when it’s study-time.

For the student who finds it difficult to sit still for along time, or have been regularly criticized, BodyTalk offers the relief of getting rid of that baggage and focusing on the task at hand.

A BodyTalk session around Exam Performance and Stress can address insomnia, interrupted sleep, anxiety, poor concentration, depression, lack of focus, procrastination, mood swings, and brain-fog. The sessions are likely to bring about clarity and focus, improved confidence and concentration, enhanced ability to study and get good results, and in overall improvement in mood!

All the practitioners in BodyTalk Pretoria/Centurion/Midrand are more than qualified to work with children, scholars and students to address these concerns in a simple and effective. They will also teach you how to Tap out your Cortices, a life changing technique which does so much to restore the balance between the left and right brain, as well as the communication between brain and body.

Many adults attend BodyTalk sessions in preparation of exams, interviews, presentations, and sports men and –women use BodyTalk to prepare for the challenges of upcoming events too. The beauty of BodyTalk is that it addresses the individuals’ priorities and personal needs, regardless of the upcoming event. Contact your BodyTalk practitioner today!

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