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We live in a pressured, stressful world, and most of us are juggling more than one responsibility. Anxiety and worry seem to creep into our lives, and easily become an uncontrollable habit. And the thoughts going round and round in our heads, keeping us out of sleep and weighing us down, hardly ever produce inspiration or great ideas or even relief from the anxiety. Regular BodyTalk has shown to have great results for clients who immediately report a sense of well-being after their session. The degree of their anxiety lifts (and keeps lifting) and they report feeling clearer and calmer and better able to prioritise their lives, thus reducing their stress even more. BodyTalk Practitioners will also teach you techniques to use at home, to maintain this calm state. Anxiety and anxiety attacks often have a complex combination of physical, mental and emotional causes – BodyTalk works with your body, in order of priority, at your body’s pace, to address these for long-lasting results.

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