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Suffering from allergies and intolerances has a real-time and frustrating effect on daily life. An allergy-sufferer needs to plan ahead, and think about their allergies, as they do seemingly normal activities (can I eat this? can I touch this?) The mother of the child with allergies is the lady with little containers of special food and treats, negotiating with their child at a party or an outing!

The natural and systematic approach of BodyTalk to health and allergies in particular, produces wonderful results and relief for people who suffer from allergies and intolerances.
An allergic reaction expresses itself in many ways. The life-threatening danger of anaphylaxis means that a person always needs to be on guard, looking out for bees, shell-fish, traces of nuts in food. This stress is compounded by the need to have meds nearby and warning those around you about your condition.

For many allergy sufferers, immediate physical reactions such as hives, rashes, asthma, headaches, diarrhea, sneezing, itching, and streaming eyes are unpleasant reminders of their sensitivities and limit experiences of life. For the mother of the allergic child,
Monitoring her child around food and play, knowing that they’ll be sick in a few hours if they’re not careful – allergies are nasty and scary, seemingly lurking nearby at all times.

These examples also describe the complex emotions and thoughts which are part and parcel of living with allergies. Addressing these emotional holdings, worries and fears are an important aspect of working with allergies and intolerances from a BodyTalk perspective. Many people can have an allergic reaction just from thinking about an allergen, such as a cat, or a walk on grass, and it is important to help the brain realize that it has formed patterns of reactions. These reactions are not helpful to the person’s health, and BodyTalk helps to calm the brain down – help it to see more clearly, what is threatening and non-threatening.

People, who go for regular BodyTalk treatments, find that they are able to live more harmoniously in their environment – it’s hard to change traffic, your boss, the air we breathe. But regular BodyTalk sessions enable a person to interact more peacefully with these environmental stressors, which seem to affect them less and less. This applies even more so to clients who suffer from allergies and intolerances – BodyTalk sessions bring them into more balance with their environment and they can relax and engage more, and fear, less.

Many allergy suffers are very aware how allergies run in the family. It seems they have a genetic weakness to certain substances. BodyTalk addresses Inherited and Family-based Illness routinely – just because your granny was allergic to nuts, doesn’t mean you have to be too.

Ultimately, BodyTalk is a health-care system, which is geared to improving the communication between all the parts of your body and brain. Your organs, immune system and senses can work together harmoniously, to protect you from real dangers and supporting you during times of stress. Getting BodyTalk to treat your allergies is like getting a new lease on life , with more variety, and greater ease of trying all that life has to offer. Contact a BodyTalk practitioner, specializing in Allergy and Intolerances, today.